Have You Heard of the Teachers Leading Teachers Conference?

Pernille Ripp


Being a teacher who presents, which is a very new adventure for me, has been quite interesting to say the least.  I didn’t know just how few of us there are that actually are able to go out and talk about the things that we do with our students and still stay in the classroom.  In fact, I have been to a few places where there were less than a handful of teachers presenting and yet the entire conference was geared toward teachers.  Hmmm… But I get it.  It is hard to leave my classroom.  It is hard to leave my family.  Presenting and sharing the words of my students is an incredible opportunity that I am honored to get, but it is like having two full-time jobs at times.  Yet, I can’t help but wish that more teacher’s voices were heard at all of the conferences that surround us.

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