Common Core Workshop Notes for English Language Arts (ELA)

Last posting, I shared notes from a recent Common Core workshop for the math portion of the meeting.  These notes are from the ELA portion of the meeting as well as a link to the handout.  Common Core Handout ELA

Common Core Language Arts Component (bullet points from seminar)

Key points about writing:

*move to focus on argument and informative writing

Speaking and Listening *comprehension and collaboration

Language key points
*emphasis on academic words and domain specific words *literacy

3 shifts
*much knowledge comes from informational texts
*vast majority of college reading is informational
*informational text is more difficult–teachers need strategies for teaching this type text
*CCSS moves this to 50/50 in elem; 60/40 ms; 75/25 hs
*right now students in elem and ms are at 7-15% informational text

Videos on line to teach about all parts of CCSS—use them

Literacy shifts
*most college and workplace writing requires evidence *text complexity equates to student achievement
*lexile scores should increase for reading 780-980 for elem

Go to site and look at test complexity section!!!!!

Leadership for implementation
*where are we now and where do we need to go? *how does curr need to align or change ?
*what kind of prof dev is needed?

Change is a process not an event.

Read like a detective and write like a reporter. (catchy phrase to use for direction of writing)

Common planning time is critically important in this change

Organized abandonment-take something off the plate in order to make room for this new effort
Create a culture to try and fail along the way for teachers
There is a starting point-do not sit on the sidelines

Lead with a heart-be sensitive to the classroom needs Commit to this as a team
The glass is half full


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